What can I do before arriving  ALA IGS?

Prior to your arrival, we encourage you to attend a Girls State orientation.  Your sponsoring American Legion Auxiliary Unit can assist you with this.  If there is not an orientation near you, please call our Department Headquarters at 1-309-663-9366.  They can assist you in locating an orientation or possibly finding you a former citizen to talk to.

PLEASE READ ALL INFORMATION ON THE WEBSITE AND IN THE DOWNLOAD PACKETS ONCE YOUR APPLICATION HAS BEEN ACCEPTED. Many of these forms are dated and must be filled out and returned soon after you receive them. Others will need to be filled out and brought with you to American Legion Auxiliary Illini Girls State.

Ther are two scholarship opportunities offtered at ALA IGS.  Click on the Scholarships tab for more information.

When packing, remember that YOU are the only one carrying your luggage.  Pack Smart! If you are riding one of our buses to ALA IGS, you are only allowed 2 suitcases and a small carry-on.  That is probably a good suggestion for everyone!

There is a talent show on Friday evening with a preview show on Thursday night.  Please bring your talent with you and try out!  We do have a piano available as well as a sound system.  If you have a CD of music that is great!  You can bring your own musical instrument as well.  We cannot guarantee an accompanist, but we will try.  You can also wait until you arrive at ALA IGS and plan a talent with your city!

We also have a shopping center that has ALA IGS clothing and souvenirs.  Please plan on bringing enough money to shop.  They will be open Sunday on arrival as well as every meal time.  We accepts checks and cash.  We are equipped to accept credit or debit cards.

Worried about leaving or carrying cash with you? ALA IGS offers a bank as well.  There is no minimum or maximum that you can deposit.  The bank is open at all meal times so you can always get to your money to shop.

Here is the address for you to receive mail while at ALA IGS!  Give it to family and friends!

Your Name
2151 4th Street
Lawson Hall ALA IGS City _________________
Charleston, IL  61920

For information about Eastern Illinois University Campus, its policies, and a map of the campus, click on the EIU link of the side of this website.

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