What should I pack to bring to ALA IGS?

This is a partial list with things to be sure to bring:
  1. Yourself - excited and ready to have a great week!
  2. If you are riding a bus, 2 suitcases only and a small carry-on. Be sure you have your suitcases labeled. EVERYONE CARRIES HER OWN LUGGAGE.
  3. Skirts, dresses, and dress slacks for assemblies and meals.  All tops must cover your stomach and cleavage.  If you have a strapless or spaghetti strapped top, please bring a sweater or jacket to wear over this. Skirts and Dresses should be modest and not form-fitting. No Rompers will be allowed.
  4. A light jacket and/or a sweater.  The meeting rooms tend to be cool.  Umbrella, since we do walk in the rain UNLESS there is lightning. 
  5. You may bring jeans, shorts, and sweats for DAILY recreation time and free time ONLY.  Remember to bring gym shoes for Rec activities..
  6. Robe, PJ's and any other clothing you require for the week.
  7. Please bring a "special dress" for Friday evening banquet.  That can be a formal dress, homecoming or prom dress.  Friday evening is our evening of special guests so the girls tend to dress up.
  8. Comfortable shoes.  We do a lot of walking.  Please make sure whatever you bring is comfortable and will not rub blisters on your feet. 
  9. Sheets for your bed.  They are dorm sized beds so Twin-XL sheets or full sized sheets work best.  You should also bring quilt, blanket, pillow.  A pillow can be furnished upon request once you arrive on a first come/first serve basis.
  10. Towels, washcloths, shower shoes and personal toiletries.  These are not provided.
  11. Alarm Clock, camera, Hangers and Febreeze
  12. Pens, Pencils, Poster board, construction paper, markers, masking tape, etc. - anything you need to make campaign posters and hang campaign posters (a small selection of these items are available in the IGS shopping center or party rooms.)  NO GLITTER OR GLITTER PENS!!!!
  13. Money to shop in the shopping center - our items run from $ 3.00 to $30. Usually $ 60 is sufficient, but this is up to you.  We do have a bank to keep your money if you choose to use it and will accept credit/debit (Mastercard and Visa) cards in the shopping center.
  14. Personal music, CD's, I-pod, docking station, etc.  These will be handy for your city party and for your party conventions.
  15. Snacks you might like to share.
  16. Musical Instruments and necessary music/costumes to try out for talent show.
  17. Cell phones - the University does not have pay phones available for calling home, and there are no phones in the rooms.  If you do not have a cell phone, let the Director know ahead of time or on arrival.

DO NOT BRING: Cars; pre-made campaign materials; things to pass out if you run for office; TV's, swinsuits (the pool is not open), anything you fear may be stolen when you are not in the room.

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