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City Offices at ALA IGS

City offices are voted on and results are complete by Monday evening before dinner. No petition is required to run for city offices.

1. Mayor: The Mayor becomes the leader of your city. She works with the counselor to be sure the city gets where they are supposed to be in a timely and orderly manner. She leads all city meetings. She takes pride in being responsible for the welfare and activity of her city. Upon election, the Mayor appoints a City Police Officer, a City Superintendent of Schools, and a City Reporter. As Mayor, you may also give everyone in your city an appointment to involve everyone.

The Police Officer is responsible for getting everyone up in the morning and for enforcing any laws that the city creates. She also enforces ALA IGS rules such as "lights out". Any infractions should be reported to the Mayor. If serious in nature, you and the Mayor should report this to the sheriff and State's Attorney.

The City Superintendent of Schools is responsible for grading the government test that the cities will take. They will them give the scores to the county superintendent.

The City Reporter will be working with our public relations department throughout the week and will report the news from the stage during assessmbly. Other duties are being discussed as well.

2. City Clerk: The City Clerk is the scribe for city meetings. She is also responsible for creating for creating a city book. Rules will be given to her by her counselor. These books are judged at the end of the week and the winner will be announced from the stage on Saturday morning.

3. City Treasurer: The City Treasurer handles any monies that may go in or out of the city and leader of the social activities for city with the Mayor. For example: you will be responsible for paying the pizza man for your city spread. You would provide the money to the County Treasurer to give to the Director for the brick placed in the citizen honor. You would also make sure any leftover city funds were given to the Director with specific instructions on where you would like the money to go.

4. Two City Aldermen: One City Alderman is responsible for collecting and distributing the mail everyday. The other City Alderman is the health and sanitation alderman and she judges the 4 cities in her county for the "Golden Broom" award each day. The judging has rules that are provided to you and the other 3 cities.