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Packing List

You are responsible for carrying anything you bring.

Each day is packed with activities. Arrive well rested

❑ Item or Gift Card for ALA Service Project 

❑ Bring $7 -$10 for taxes / city spread (cash)

❑ Clothing – Please see Dress Code Packet for examples
           o 3 – 4 nice outfits: You will wear these outfits when we have assemblies, patriotic        
              ceremonies, and if you decide to run for office. This can include nice pants, khakis,
              skirts, skorts, or a casual or sundresses. (If you bring strapless tops or dresses, please
              include some sort of sweater or jacket to go over it.) For campaign outfits you may
              want to bring a blazer or suit. All tops must cover your stomach and cleavage. All
              skirts and dresses must be modest and not form fitting. No Rompers. Appropriate
              length for all shorts, skirts, and dresses will be strictly enforced. You may be asked to
              change if an outfit is not compliant.

           o 2 nice dresses for Banquets – These should be something that you would wear to
               church or another special occasion. Please bring a “special dress” for Friday evening
               banquet. That can be a formal dress, homecoming or prom dress. Friday evening is our
               evening of special guests, so the girls tend to dress up.

            o Sportswear: Each day will include a recreation period therefore, you may want to pack
               five days’ worth of tee-shirts and shorts as well as athletic shoes.

             o Casual Clothing: Sleeping clothes and comfy, modest clothing for lounging in the
                dorm and working in the city.

❑ Shoes
              o Comfortable shoes: You will be walking across campus multiple times a day so be
                  sure to bring comfortable shoes that will not cause blisters.'

               o Shower shoes for flip-flops for the dorm/dorm showers

               o If desired, a nicer pair of shoes (could be business-casual flats or modest wedges,
               a nicer pair of sandals, etc.) for wearing with your nice outfits.

❑ Personal Items
           o Toiletries and other personal items
           o Soap, shampoo, toothbrush, toothpaste, etc.
           o Towel / Washcloths
           o Robe
           o Feminine Hygiene Products (just in case)
           o Bed linens – bring twin-sized extra long sheets, a warm blanket/comforter, or sleeping
              bag and pillow. Rooms are air-conditioned.
           o Necessary medication prescribed by your physician or over-the-counter medication
             that you take on a regular basis or occasionally (i.e. Advil or Tylenol)
           o Sweater or jacket for cool, air-conditioned meeting rooms.
           o Money to shop with in the Shopping Center. We do have a bank to keep your money if
               you choose to use it and will accept credit/debit cards in the shopping center.

❑ Miscellaneous
           o Clothes Hangers – Each room provides hanging space and drawer space for storing
           o Art supplies – these supplies are used for making city and campaign signs, but no pre-
              made campaign materials are allowed. (No Glitter or Glitter Glue)
           o Tote bag or backpack – You will be walking from activity to activity and may want to
              carry personal items and your notebook with you.
           o Air freshener, if desired
           o Pens, pencils, and a notebook
           o Snacks, if you choose
           o Alarm Clock, if desired  
           o A camera
           o Sunglasses, umbrella

❑ Political Party Conventions
           o Nationalist Party: props and/or clothing for a siesta themed party (i.e. pajamas, etc)
           o Federalist Party: props and/or clothing for a fiesta themed party. (i.e. bright colors,

❑ Talent Show (optional)
            o Music, sheet music, instrument, props and costumes if you plan to try out

             o Cars
             o Pre-made campaign materials
             o Things to pass out if you run for office,
             o TV’s
             o Swimsuits (the pool is not open)
             o Glitter
             o Glitter Glue
             o Balloons
             o Expensive clothing or jewelry 
             o Clothing that would not be permitted in school