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Your daughter has just told you that she is interested in or has been selected to attend American Legion Auxiliary Illini Girls State.  You probably have some questions, Don' t worry we've got answers!

What is the purpose of American Legion Auxiliary Illini Girls State?
The purpose is to promote pride in America and to create a mythical state that the citizens will govern at the city, county, and state level.  

What will she do during this week?
American Legion Auxiliary Girls State is first and foremost an exercise in citizenship and leadership.  In order for any government to function, it must have the active participation of its citizens.  Your daughter will be actively helping to create a city, countym and state government.  The delegates will be grouped into 18 cities. Each city will be responsible for making its own laws, electing officials, and carrying out its governance.  In addition, the 18 cities are grouped into 5 Counties, and together they form a state government and then vote as a state on who will lead them.

Will my daughter have any free time?
ALA Girls State delegated are women on the move . . . morning 'til night. There isn;t much free time especially in the beginning of the week.  Building governments from the ground up requires a lot of time and energy. Cell phones are allowed during the dayto take pictures, but the girls will only have time to call or text after the session activities are concluded for the day. 

If these delegates are building their own government, who is REALLY in charge?
There is a counselor assigned to each city. She acts as a leader until the city government officials are elected; then she steps back and acts as advisor to the city.  Along with the city mayor and other elected city officers, they are responsible for the city's behavior at all times.  There are two Staff advisors assigned to each county to assist and supervise activities as well.  There is at least one adult staff member with the city at all times.  Counselors and Staff Adviors also sleep on the same dorm floor along.  In addition to County Staff, there are other staff members working in the ALA IGS Office, Shopping Center, Elections and the Legislative office.  There are nurses on staff to handle any medical problems that might arise and a local hospital is located neayby.

What about security?
The delegates are housed in two dormitories on the Eastern Illinois University Campus.  The dorms are locked and accesses is restricted to the ALA IGS program.  The delegates are issued keys to their individual rooms. No delegate will be allowed to leave campus at any time and will be either with her city or in her chosen activity at all times.  The EIU Campus police also provide additional security to ensure the safey of all delegates and staff.