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"Daily" Schedule at ALA Illini Girls State

Days at American Legion Auxiliary Illini Girls State are packed from morning until night.  Special events, campaigning and elections are scattered throughtout the week, but some items are consistent.

Good Morning and Good Housekeeping:
Most morning  at ALA IGS start around 7 am with the first group being expected at breakfast by 7:30 am.  In addition to preparing yourself for the day, your morning will include some time to tidy your room as your city competes for the Golden Broom Award each day.  Once your city  leaves your floor for breakfast, you won't be able to return to your room until early afternoon on most days.

Meals: Served in the Residence Hall Dinning Room:
You will note in the Day to Day Schedule that meal times are staggered. We hope to eliminate the long lines and waiting during meals. Citizens should follow these times closely. If your city is included in the 2nd or 3rd shift - pleae wait until close to ypur time before lining up. A meal schedule will be provided, and they shifts throughtout the week.

Citizens who are finished eating may study, make posters, shop, socialize etc. until the next event.  Due to limited space in the cafeteria citizens will be encouraged  to move on to their next location as soon as they are finished eating. Each Citizen and Staff Member will be issued a meal card that they will need to present in the cafeteria for each meal.

Assembly time is when you will be sitting with your city in your business casual attire in a large hall.  This is when we will be bringing speakers in from all over the state to speak on their experiences in fields relating to our program.  There will be lots of information and announcements made during assemblies, so don't forget your pen/pencil and note paper.

Throughout the week there will be three segments of rotations.  We will have four different stations for each segment of rotations, each station is about 25 minutes.  You will be traveling to each session in your city with your county.  Rotations consist of the following: speech competition, ROTC Leadership Activities, speakers, career fair and county project presentation.

During recreation you will be allowed to be in your "comfy" attire.  This is your "free" time.  You may run on the quad, go the the rec center (with a staff member), play board games, relax in your room (staff member must be on your floor), campaign, hand out with a friend from another city and much more.  You CAN NOT leave compus.  We have a recreation department that will give you more details at session.

Rest Period:
This is a time when you will be allowed in your comfy clothes and you can REST in your room.

In Your Citites: 
There will be times that you will be in your cities on your floor.  Once again, comfy attire.  Your counselor and mayor will be in charge of you during this time.  This is the time that your counselor will most likey have a meeting, giving you updates on what is coming up next.  You will also be able to hang out and get to bond with the girls in your city.

Lights Out:
Lights out each evening will be 11:00 pm.  While this might seem early to some, after the actions packed days of ALA IGS, you will welcome the rest.