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State Offices at ALA IGS

We do have an Illinois General Assembly made up of the House of Representatives and the Senate. Even though these are considered state offices they will be elected prior to the State election. You will elect senators and representatives from each county. These ladies will write bills, debate bills, and vote on them. It is their responsibility to listen to her constituents and present bills that are important to everyone, not just herself. All bills that are passed will be presented to the new IGS governor for her signature or veto during the final assemblies.

There is a President of the Senateand the Chaplain of the Senate that are elected from the  senators. This is done during one of their legislative sessions. No petitions are needed for these offices.

There is a Speaker of the House and a House Chaplain that are elected from the representatives. This is done during one of their legislative sessions. No petitions are needed for these offices.

State offices are elected with a primary and general election. These will be self Nominated positions.

There is another state official that is elected during a special election. This is the State Central Committeeman. This young lady is the leader of her party! She is the cheerleader of her party!  There will be two state central committeemen elected from each county, one Nationalist and one Federalist. These ladies will then lead their party conventions along with the two party leaders that were elected during last year's session. Those two citizens will be required to return for next year's session to lead the party until new party leaders are elected.

The following state officers will participate in a candidate's forum both before the primary and before the general election. These questions are based on current events in state government.

1. Governor: The Governor will preside over the next year's session until a new Governor is elected. At the end of this session, she will review and sign all bills presented to her by the representatives and the senators. She will preside over one of the remaining sessions for this year. You will also need to report the the American Legion Auxiliary delegates at their state convention in July.

2. Lt. Governor: Acts as Governor in the absence of the Governor and performs duties and exercises power as delegated by the Governor.

3. Attorney General:

4. Secretary of State:

5. Comptroller

6. State Treasurer