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Campaign Rules for ALA IGS

At American Legion Auxiliary Illini Girls State there are many opportunities to run for office or be appointed to an office. We have provided you with a list of the offices, elected and appointed, that are available for you at ALA IGS. There will be city, county, and state elections. Campaign rules will be reviewed with you once you arrive at Girls State, but there are a few you should be aware of now.

1. There are to be no computer generated or pre-made campaign materials. This places everyone on an even playing field.

2. There will be a committee of your peers that will determine if any campaign rules are being violated.

3. Have fun with your campaigning! Ask someone that maybe hasn't run for anything or is not getting involved to work on your campaign. Visit other citizens and let them know why they should vote for you.

4, Once you are elected to an office, you cannot run for any other office.

5. If you are not one that likes to run for office, you could be one of the three judges of election or your city. This is an honor. You are responsible for all voting in your city. You make sure everyone votes. . Discretion and secrecy will be important during your week at ALA IGS.