What are the County offices I can run for?

County offices are elected with a primary and a general election.  Petitions are necessary to run for county offices.  You will need to take out a petition on Monday during your recreation time.  Your primary election will be held Tuesday morning and your general election is held on Tuesday afternoon.

1. Circuit Court Judge: You will lead and participate in a county project and be given specific instructions at American Legion Auxiliary Illini Girls State.  If a county chooses to hold court for a violation of a law, you will preside over that court.

2. Regional Superintendent of Schools:  You will be receiving all the cities in your county's grades from the city Superintendents.  You will need to be sure the list is correct and turn it in to the Dean of Education as soon as possible.  You will also participate in the county project.

3. State's Attorney:  You will participate in the county project.  If your county holds a court for any reason you will be the "prosecuting" attorney.  It would be your job to prove guilt.

4.  County Clerk:  You will participate in the county project. If your county holds court for any reason, you would be responsible for recording the proceedings.

5. Sheriff:  It is your responsibility to work with your city police officers to maintain law and order in a fun manner.  You will also participate in the county project.

6. Treasurer:  You will need to collect the monies from the city treasurers to give to the ALA IGS Director to help pay for the brick that is laid in honor of the citizens on the EIU campus.  You will also participate in the county project.

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