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The application asks for my email address, Should I use my school email address?  Do you also need my parent's email address?
We would advise you against using your school email addresses as some districts block outside mail and you will only have access to that address for the next year or so.  If you are intested in assisting with the program, it helps if we have a lasting email address.  We will also send the registration information to your parents, so it is important that we have both pieces of information.

My application has been turned in an accepted, Now what?
Begining mid-April, you and your parents will be receiveing an email asking you to log into the registration site to access all of your necessary paperwork.  This paper work includes information specific for this years session, along with documents and waivers that will need to be signed by you and your parents prior to the start of the session.  The email will come from

How to I complete and return my registration paperwork?
All signed paperwork will need to be submitted electronically back into registration where it is downloaded from.  Specific directions will be available in that site.

What if I have been accepted into the program, but for some reason, I am not longer able to attend?
If your plans change for any reason, please contact your sponsoring unit and the ALA IGS Program at as soon as possible.  Your fees have been paid by your sponsor and we would like to provide an alternate the opportunity to attend if you cannot.  If you  are unable to go and an alternate is unable to be found in the time your provided, you may be asked to reimburse your soponsor, so or all of the fee.

Can I arrive late to American Legion Auxiliary Illini Girls State?  Can I leave early from the program?
American Legion Auxiliary Illini Girls State is a week long program. Activities that tie the week together start on Sunday afternoon and do not end unit Saturday morning.  However, we realize our attendees are busy and requests will be reviewed by the Director.

Can I drive to ALA IGS?
We would prefer you have your parents bring you as parking is very limited.  If you must drive, your keys must be turned into the Director upon arrival and will be returned to you when you leave.  The Director must approve this before the session.

What should I pack for ALA IGS?
We have provided a comprehensive packing list here on the website as well as in your Read and Keep packet you will receive during registration.

What offices can I run for and what are the duties?
In your packet will be a list of offices and what the duties are.  You can also find this list on this site. Detailed information will also be given early in the session.

How much money should I bring to ALA IGS?
We have a shopping center that accepts cash, checks, and credit/debit cards.  The city does have a "city spread" where everyone contributes for pizza or snacks.  We also have a bank to protect your money.  Usually $50 - $60 is recommended for sitizent to bring and that more than covers anything you need or want.

Is there free time? 
The schedule at ALA IGS is FULL and everyone is kept busy.  During the day, there may be some time out side of assemblies and meetings, but typically delegates will be working on some aspect of the program.  Meals, recreation, and rest period are also considered "free time"  and there is some "free time" before and after city meetings and evening activities.  Lights out is usually around 11 pm.  Delegated may think this is too early, but at the end of each day, everyone is tired.  Breakfast is typically as early as 7:30 a.m. 

Can I room with my friend from the same area?
Part of our program is meeting new friends, therefore we assign you to a community that will be comprised from people around the satae other than your local school.

Are there scholarship opportunites available?
Yes, please see that section of this site.

Do you offer college credit?
Not at this time

Can I bring my cell phone?
Citizens will be permitted to use their cell phones, only at designated times and places. ALA Illini Girls State cannot be responsibe foe the security of a Citizen's cell phone or its use.  ALA IGS is sensitive to the need and desire for citizens to communicate with their families.  Use of cell phones will be prohibitied during assemblies and activities out of respect for our speakers and volunteers.

Can someone other than my parents pick me up?
The Director must be notified in writing before the session.  In an emergency, the Director can speak to a parent.

Can I go off campus during the week?
No, Delegates must stay on campus during the entire week and stay within the bounds of ALA Illini Girls State.  The ALA Girls State experience is a residential program, and by attending ALA IGS, each delegate agrees to stay in residene at the program for the entire session.  All attendees must stay within the program.

If I rode the bus down, do I have to ride the bus home?
Yes, unless prior arrangements have been made with the director.

What can I expet as far as the daily schedule?
A sample of our daily activities is included in this site.

Where can I attend an orientation?
There will be many orientations around the state.  If your area is not having one, you can contact the ALA Department Headquarters or the Director to assist you in finding one near you.  There is also a document on this site that is updated as new orientations are added.

Can I bring my own snacks?
Absolutely! Just note, there are no refrigerators available.

I have special dietary needs.  Are arrangements made so I have plenty to eat?
If you let us know on your health/dietary needs form during registration we will make arrangements for the two banquets.  During the week, there are always plenty of options including vegetarian as well as a salad bar.  If you have other restrictions, please let the Director know.

Do you have directions to Lawson Hall at EIU?
You will receive directions in your Read and Keep Packet.

Where can my parents call during the week if they need to speak to me?
They can call Lawson Hall.

If I become ill at ALA IGS or get injured, where do I go?
We utilize Sarah Bush Lincoln Hospital in Mattoon as well as a local Urgent Care.  Your parents' insurance will be billed.  If medication is ordered we will need your to cover what your insurance does not.

What if my parents or I come up with a question that we can't find the answer to before the program?
Please feel free to email us at ilgirlsstate@gmail,com.  We would like to ensure that boith you and your parents are comfortable with your attendance at our program.