Frequently Asked Questions

1. Can I arrive late to American Legion Auxiliary Illini Girls State?  
    Can I leave early from American Legion Auxiliary Illini Girls State?
American Legion Auxiliary Illini Girls State is a week long program.  Activities that tie the week together start on Sunday afternoon and do not end until Saturday morning. However, we realize our attendees are busy and requests will be reviewed by the Director.
2. Can I drive to ALA IGS?
We would prefer you have your parents bring you or you ride a bus as parking is very limited.  If you must drive, your keys must be turned in to the Director upon arrival and will be returned to you when you leave.  The Director must approve this before the session.
3. What should I pack for ALA IGS?
We have provided a packing list for you.
4. What offices can I run for and what are the duties?
In your packet will be a list of offices and what the duties are.  You can also find this list on our website.  Detailed information will also be given early in the session.
5. How much money should I bring to ALA IGS?
We have a shopping center that accepts cash, checks, debit/credit cards.  The city does have a "city spread" where everyone contributes for pizza or snacks.  We also have a bank to protech your money.  Usually $50 - $60 is recommended for citizens to bring and that more than covers anything you need or want.
6. Is there free time?
Yes, we have free time at meals, during recreation time, rest period, and after evening activities/assemblies.
7. Can I room with my friend from the same area?
Part of our program is meeting new friends, therefore we assign you to a community that will be comprised from people around the state other than your local school.
8. Are there scholarship opportunities available?
Yes, pleas see that section on this site.
9. Do you offer college credit?
Not at this time.
10. Can I bring my cell phone?
Absolutely!  Pay phones are no longer an option.  We encourage you to call home and tell them how much fun you are having.  We do ask they remain off during assembly and organized activities.
11. Can someone other than my parents pick me up?
The Director must be notified in writing before the session.  In an emergency, the Director can speak to a parent.
12.  Can I go off campus during the week?
For safety reasons we do not allow citizens to leave campus.
13. If I rode the bus down, do I have to ride the bus home?
Yes, unless prior arrangements have been made with the director.
14. What can I expect as far as the daily schedule?
We have a sample schedule on the website.  
15. Where can I attend an orientation?
There will be many orientations around the state.  If your area is not having one, you can contact the ALA Department Headquarters or the Director to assist you in finding one near you.
16. Can I bring my own snacks?
Absolutely.  Just note, there are no refrigerators available.
17. I have special dietary needs.  Are arrangements made so I have plenty to eat?
If you let us know on your health form, we will make arrangements for the two banquets.  During the week, there are always plenty of options including vegetarian as well as a salad bar.  If you have other restrictions, please let the Director know.
18. Do you have directions to Lawson Hall at EIU?
You will receive directions in your packet.
19. Where can my parent call during the week if they need to speak with me?
They can call Lawson Hall.
20. If I become ill at ALA IGS or get injured, where do I go?  Who pays for medical expenses?
We utilize Sarah Bush Lincoln Hospital in Mattoon as well as a local Urgent Care.  Your parents' insurance will be billed.  If medication is ordered we will need you to cover what your insurance does not.

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